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Caitriona Cartwright
All Caitriona's work is made to commission. If you have any particular lettering requirements please contact Five Ways. The pieces that you see here give an idea of prices and how she works. 'My work comes out of a love of stone and letter forms,' Caitriona says. ' I studied Medieval Art and Architecture and was captivated by cathedrals of 12th and 13th century. I went on to take a City and Guilds degree in Masonry and then to work on Sailsbury Cathedral spire.' A fellowship with the Society of Ancient Buildings followed. It was during this time that she became interested in letter cutting. Eventually Caitriona moved to the Welsh borders and set up her own workshop. 'I have been inspired by ancient churchyards, rocky mountain outcrops and stone worn smooth by the river Wye. I am increasingly drawn to keeping the natural form of the stone and creating standing stones with carved letters.'