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Sarah Bradford
Sarah Bradford was born in London in 1943, lived in Wales for 25 years before moving to Northumberland in 2007. She has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, and, as a member of “Ysbrid”, the Welsh group dedicated to painting, represented Wales at the L’Orient Interceltic Festival, Brittany in August 2001 and the Trelaze Festival in 2002. The group was invited in 2002 to form the complementary exhibition “A Propos, Ceri Richards” for the National Museum of Wales. She has been a finalist for the prestigious Hunting Art Prize, the National Eisteddfod and the Glamorgan Art Prize and was winner of the professional artist prize at the Wrexham Open (2006) and the Dover Art Prize (2010 "My work attempts to recapture the essence of places seen and felt, not in any topographical sense, but as a subjective and personal view. This making of an imagined landscape is a summing-up of memory and experience. Impressions, large and small, distant and close-up, how even the smallest detail can recall the whole and ideas about scale are explored. All are brought together to form coherent and convincing landscape imagery whilst holding fast to the autonomy of painting."