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Silvy Weatherall
Silvy is a painter, photographer and multimedia artist whose work is defined by the subject matter and material she uses. A hater of waste, she finds beauty and potential in objects that have been discarded or ceased to function. Her materials range from broken china to roadkill, feathers and bones. In early 2017 Silvy was asked to curate and display a patron’s 19th and early 20th century egg collection that had been inherited from her father and housed in chests of drawers for over a hundred years. The eggs have a sentimental value but no market value, the Wildlife and Countryside Act makes the sale or exchange of any British wild bird’s eggs illegal, regardless of their age. To dispose of eggs legally, they may only be given away or destroyed. With this in mind and with access to this remarkable collection, Silvy was given permission by her patron to document the eggs and present them as a limited edition set of photographic prints.