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Gift Ideas
Art makes a perfect gift for any occasion – perfect for christening, confirmation, birthday, wedding, anniversary and retirement presents. A painting is a thoughtful, personal and original present that will stand the test of time.
Why not club together to give a more substantial present for that special occasion? At Five-Ways we will manage a fund so that all of you can contribute towards an existing work of art or commission something original and deeply personal.
If you would like something more precious than the traditional toaster to remind you of your wedding day why not create a list with Five-Ways? Friends can contribute towards a specific painting or pay into a fund allowing you to choose what you would like at a later date. Please call us to discuss how this could work for you.
If you do not know what to get for that special person or if you have left it a bit late, Five-Ways vouchers make a wonderful present. Friends can then choose for themselves from Five-Ways varied collection of paintings, prints and sculpture.
The Autumn Collection is full of great gift ideas for children. Youngsters can be hard to buy for. We want to give them something they will enjoy now but that will also be relevant and interesting to them in the future. Art can bridge that gap.